Medical Training - Ambulance, Paramedic & EMT Training


ZHL’s biggest advantage is the trained staff which we deploy. The training programs offered to the staff embody ZHL’s principles and impart to the trainees not only on hands on clinical expertise but also train them to deal with multiple complexities and quick decision-making in a high-pressured environment where every minute spells the difference between a life saved or lost. Highly experienced faculty with years of expertise have been chosen to guide individuals through this learning curve.

ZHL employs over 40,000 staff that includes doctors, paramedics and drivers that have been trained with our sister concern – Life Supporters Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS) which is a registered not-for-profit. LIHS is an accredited training institute of the Health Care Sector Skills Council under the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), recognised by the Government of India for EMT and paramedic training. It is also an International Training Centre for the American Heart Association (AHA) and conducts courses in association with Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.

The ZHL and LIHS training faculty is drawn from highly experienced medical professionals who are certified trainers of American Heart Association and ITLS. Many of them have also undergone advanced training from London Ambulance Service, one of the world's best Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service. ZHL’s and LIHS instructors also have a strong clinical background and a wealth of practical experience from years of working in frontline emergency response. .

This is the experience that makes the difference when delivering courses as ZHL can relate training to real life situations thereby bringing a sense of reality to the classroom, since the aim is to deal with real life situations. Every trainee is monitored constantly during the courses so that help and assistance can be provided to those who need extra tuition to complete their course with confidence.

Advantages of ZHL Medical Training Program

Accredited Training Institute

accredited training institute

Highly Experienced Medical Professionals

highly experienced medical professionals

Constant Monitoring

Constant Monitoring

Certification & Job Placement

Certification & Job Placement