104 Health Information & Medical Helpline Emergency Number

Emergency Helpline Numbers

With the deep penetration of the internet and the prevalence of mobile apps that help gain accessibility to medical services faster, there has been a change in statistics with people getting help faster. However this is not true for remote villages in far flung areas of the country, where people may have smart phones, but are ignorant as to how to utilize them to their full potential to secure their health and the health of their loved ones. They only use their phones to make and receive calls. And, this is the medium that should be exploited to reach out to them for their well being.

Government authorities are indeed doing their bit to help people in remote locations by making health care information about schemes and policies accessible through the provision of Emergency Helpline Numbers. Some of these helplines also provide solutions for certain ailments on the helpline, so that people do not have to travel far to get better.

At Ziqitza Health Care Limited we manage and operate the 104 Health Helpline - these Emergency Helpline Numbers, in Madhya Pradesh and Odisha help us reach out to a very large section of the population who is still unaware of benefits of advancing technology. We make constant efforts through various camps and programs to create awareness for these helplines and rest assured we receive a number of calls on a daily basis from people in remote areas as well as urban areas seeking advice on medical matters. The Emergency Helpline Numbers serve as a boon.

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