Cardiac Ambulance with well Equipped Life Support & Trained Paramedics

Cardiac Ambulance

The incidence of Sudden Cardiac Deaths in the country are on a rise. High levels of stress and erratic lifestyles have taken a toll on the younger generation as well, and you never know when an emergency can strike. It is always better to be prepared and learn what to do when someone you love is faced with a critical medical situation such as a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The Platinum Ten Minutes and the Golden Hour are concepts that are followed world over in the Emergency medical space, and it is within this time that appropriate medical treatment needs to be given if we wish to save the lives of our loved ones.

Cardiac Ambulance fitted with the right medical equipment and trained paramedics on board can help save the life of a patient who is critically ill and needs constant monitoring, due to cardiac issues.

At Ziqitza Health Care Limited, our Cardiac Ambulances come equipped with state of the art medical equipment such as Defibrillators, Monitoring Equipment, Stretchers and Oxygen Cylinders along with trained Paramedics and Helpers on board, all of which is very important to assist someone who is experiencing cardiac trouble.

Cardiac ambulance Ziqitza