How first aid training can help employees

first aid kit on table

Around the world, 3,00,000 workers die annually due to unintentional accidents at their work places. Occupational hazards are also estimated to contribute to about 2.3 per cent of Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY) lost in middle-income countries especially India. When you think about the number of lives being lost each year, it makes us wonder what can be done to save not just our valuable employees, but their precious lives. Although accidents cannot be prevented entirely, how you react to the situation immediately can prevent it from become fatal. Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) realizes that this is where first aid comes in as a life saver. Being trained in first aid can go a long way in giving a patient the right treatment at the right time and at workplaces this is an important skill to have.  Here’s how first aid can help employees save lives.

It helps save lives

This is of course, the most obvious reason. It’s a proven fact, that the immediate treatment given to a patient is the most important in their treatment. Knowing first aid will give your staff the confidence to act immediately in case of an injury or illness. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) has been known to save many lives when administrated quickly and is a good skill to equip your employees with.

First aid kits will be used properly

Knowing how to quickly access the first aid kit can save time and reduce the severity of an injury. Employees should also know what is in the first aid kit and how to use the contents effectively. It also helps if your employees know how to maintain the first aid kit at home and car.

Reduce the number of accidents at work

As your staff is properly trained in the basics of first aid, they are also made aware of what mishaps can take place around them. They are aware and can spot hazards and identify incidents before they can happen.  Training your staff in first aid also makes them more alert to their environment and this awareness can reduce the number of accidents that can happen at the workplace.

It will keep your employees safe outside of work also

Once your employees are trained in first aid, they are trained for life. Their training can save lives even outside the office. Trained personnel can treat their families, friends and even general public effectively in times of an emergency.  This becomes easier if you conduct refresher courses from time to time.

Boosts team morale

When you make first aid training available to your employees, you are telling them that you care. When employees see this, they are comforted knowing that they have a safe work environment. First aid training at work even works as an excellent team-building exercise and in turn boosts the morale of the team.

Makes employees confident

When your staff is well trained in first aid, it makes them more confident to deal with a medical emergency both inside as well as outside the office. They are clear on what needs to be done immediately and can give first aid treatment and calm the people around.

Accidents will always happen. As an employer, it is your responsibility to realize the value of first aid and ensure the safety of your employees for a safer, happier working environment. Ziqitza Health Care Limited offers various courses in first aid and CPR as well as BLS indigenous programs for safety at work and elsewhere.  First aid doesn’t just help recovery, it helps save lives. And that is the most important thought an employer should always bear in mind.

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