Emergency Medical Care is Crucial in Everyday Life

emergency medical care

While the latest Pokemon-Go rage caught the world in a frenzy over augmented reality, it was an example of how technology has engaged people so intensely that reality itself seemed unreal. Over the past decade, the death toll on account of excessive usage of technology has skyrocketed substantially. While some states in the country, advise against the use earphones/headphones while driving/riding, in a few others cities, the use of earphones is not recommended for pedestrians as well. The world has stood witness to numerous accidents where people, especially youngsters have lost their lives or have been severely injured while carrying out their daily activities. This situation is alarming for the world, given the incumbent place in our lives that technology has come to occupy.

Less than a decade ago, the texting mania took over the world. Today, the internet and WhatsApp have given it another turn. From truck drivers, to the domestic help in India, everyone is spotted using an Android device, so much so that cellphones have acted as replacements to human relationships. Over 20% of road accidents in the U.S. are caused due to use of cellphones while driving.

From the moment a person wakes up till he/she falls asleep, cellphones are constant companions. Excessive use of cellphones causes blindness, neck pain, back problems and other brain as well as joint damages. Another effect of technology is apparent on the increasing stress levels of people across different age groups. Today, technology is rampant with advertising billboards turning digital. On the one hand, the principles of Interaction design when coupled with technology are proving to be revolutionary for markets, and on the other hand, the digital wave is bringing chronic diseases in a great measure across the globe.

Does this mean we give up technology altogether? This may seem out-worldly since technology has seeped in so gravely that it is hardly possible to pick away its tread from our lives. The option that we are left with is to know our precautions and ways of mitigating the situation at hand. In this scenario, emergency medical services dawn in as the savior for many, in order to control the increasing tech-accidents.

The Indian Government’s initiative – National Health Mission (NHM) has put in place necessary medical services for the benefit of its countrymen. 108 Ambulance services have saved millions of lives across the country. 108 Ambulance services are the national ambulance provisioners for India, instituted by the government in partnership with many private organizations such as Ziqitza Health Care Limited.

The 108 Ambulance services are not only a call away but are a great provision for connecting with the police department in case of an emergency. In addition, the ambulances are equipped with Basic Life Support (BLS) as well as Advanced Life Support (ALS) machinery so as to provide immediate medical attention to the patient. The team of fully trained medical staff onboard introduces the necessary medical care to the patient’s body. This service is also completely free of cost. Thus, due to the overuse of technology and other incidents such as natural calamities or terrorist attacks, Emergency medical care has become a mandatory provision that needs to not only function well, but also must be known and benefited by everyone across India. Whenever you see a person in need of emergency medical care, remember to keep 108 Ambulance Services in your mind, and help us save more lives.

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