Ambulance Services: The Need of the Hour

emergency medical services

The lack of efficient emergency medicine has long been a worrying situation throughout the country. However, Emergency medical services are an absolute necessity for citizens, especially during old age. In this scenario, the government’s initiative of 108 ambulance services comes as a relief to most. Who are the people that could be in need of emergency medical services? Is it essential for people undergoing road accidents alone?  On the contrary, emergency healthcare can be essential in the most ordinary and unexpected situations.

A fall can turn out to be detrimental and sometimes regular medical check-ups become imperative for a healthy well-being. The new age lifestyle that has replaced the earlier, healthier ways of life – that emphasized on exercise and lesser junk food – has alienated a layman from the complexities pertinent to the medical field. Today, cancer or heart related diseases can affect any person despite their age or previous medical history.

According to the census of 2012, India has more than 60,000 villages in remote localities. Most people in these regions have little or no awareness about emergency services that are put in place for the benefit of the country’s citizens.  108 is a provision set up by the government via Public-Private Partnerships with Ziqitza Healthcare Limited and other such service providers. The information about 108 ambulance services and its well-equipped facilities need to reach out to both urban and rural sectors so that more people can avail the services that are put in place.

In 2009, about 30 million people were diagnosed with chronic kidney diseases. People who are undergoing dialysis or suffer from kidney stone-related problems usually require regular medical visits to the hospital. Apart from accidents and other fatal occurrences, patients suffering from paralysis, heart conditions, severe back issues, or even Parkinson’s attacks need abrupt as well as regular medical check-ups for which hospital and clinic visits are inevitable. During such emergency situations, 108 Ambulances can be used to reach out to doctors and medical facilities at the earliest.

If lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, healthy food habits and controlled consumption of alcohol and tobacco are not ingrained in daily life, old age can undoubtedly be a fragile period. Diseases such as mentioned previously can even lead to a bed-ridden condition until enough energy is regained.  Regular health-checkups in these situations become a necessity. The census of 2011 revealed a whopping 15 million elderly people living alone. In the event of a lack of support from friends or family, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. 108 ambulance services are just one call away, and their free of cost services make it accessible for people from all economic backgrounds.

Emergency medical services are indispensable in this fast-paced century where lack of time and escalating stress levels are major players in driving a decrease in the health consciousness amongst denizens. Capitalism has sure increased the number of choices to an extent where it becomes hard to differentiate between wants and needs. This era of extremities has brought about luxuries that are unimaginable along with equally sorrowful conditions of destitution. A crisis related to health can arise without premonition; therefore 108 ambulances will play an important part in helping you get emergency healthcare at the earliest. Keep 108 in your mind and reach out to us for efficiency in emergency healthcare.

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