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Ambulance in Pune

The vibrant city of Pune is one of the fastest growing industrial hubs in Maharashtra. Long been a major educational and cultural center is one of the most livable cities in India which attracts migrants let it be students or professionals from all over India. Being one of the fastest growing areas in Maharashtra. Is recorded as eighth most populated city in India with an estimated population of 7.2 million. City is witnessing tremendous growth in population due to overall development of various industrial sectors and information technology. Thus, it is imperative to recognize the importance of emergency healthcare service for corporates , manufacturing units and individuals residing in the city.

Ziqitza has been operating largest fleet of ambulance in Pune and is committed to providing emergency ambulance services with highest level of medical care while transferring your loved ones, be it within city Pune, Pimpri, Chinchwad or an intercity transfer 24 x7 365 days with starting price of Rs999/-. Each and every operational step is handled by qualified, trained and experienced staff that is competent to manage any medical transfers be it cardiac arrest , pregnancy , post-surgery transfer or any pandemic related case.

Our Ambulance Staff is comprised of qualified and trained Driver and Paramedic who have years of experience to deal with medical emergency and protocols. They especially knowledgeable of using medical equipment’s like ventilator, ECG and defibrillators to stabilize patients in critical medical conditions. Our assurance is that a family member can be at peace while using our Ambulances in Pune.

Ambulance Service In Pune




Basic Ambulance

For pre-planned medical transfer and less critical cases

Advance Ambulance

For emergency cases transferring critically ill patients

Neo Natal Ambulance

For emergency transfers for neonates who require more specialist treatment at another hospital

Air Ambulance

For immediate transfer to another states or country

Ambulance Services in Pune

Patient Transfer

For pre-planned non-emergency medical transfer and Inter-facility transfer

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Emergency Services

For illnesses and injuries that require an urgent medical response.

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Ambulance for Events

For pre hospital care & transferr to the nearest hospital in case of emergency occurs during the event.

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Inter city Transfer

For pre-planned non-emergency medical transfer and Inter-facility transfer

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Healthcare Services for Corporates in Pune

Tele Medicine

Your employees gets 24x7 trusted medical advice from network of 1000 Doctors on Call

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Ambulance Onsite

Ambulance at workplace ensures quality pre- hospital care and timely transfer to hospital in case of medical emergency

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Medical Room

Employees within your premises have access to immediate and reliable medical care in the case of an accident or sudden illness

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Occupational Health Care

Total management of Occupational Health Centers at factory locations in India.

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Why Choose us in Pune ?


Over 3000+ Network of Ambulances

Affordable Pricing

Starting with base price Rs. 999*

Equipped Ambulances

All Ambulances are equipped to take emergency calls.

Trained Manpower

Skilled and Trained Manpower to attend emergencies

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