Committed to Care

Shaffi Mather - Founder

Shaffi Mather is a Serial Entrepreneur, Lawyer & Public Policy Analyst. He is the founder and original promoter of Ziqitza Health Care Limited. He set out with the goal of rolling out a nationwide network of Life Support Ambulance Service in India accessible to anyone, any time and anywhere through an easy to remember four digit telephone number and with the vision of building the largest emergency ambulance service company in the developing world. He is an alumnus of Harvard, LSE, University of Pittsburgh, University of Bridgeport, Cochin University of Science and Technology and Mahatma Gandhi University. He is presently an Advisor at Stanford Change Labs and an Associate at Harvard Asia Centre.

Naresh Jain Ziqitza Health Care
Naresh Jain - Co-founder and CEO, India

Naresh Jain is co-founder and Managing Director at Ziqitza Health Care. He is also a trustee and co-founder of Life Supporters Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS). He holds an MBA in finance from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. He has varied experience in establishing start-ups within the manufacturing and services sector. In addition, he has worked extensively in treasury and corporate finance.

Nijil Ibrahimkutty - CEO,GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) Nations

Nijil Ibrahimkutty is a MBA Graduate from School of Management Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India and B Com from Mahatma Gandhi University, India. He heads Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Service, UAE, the first Private Independent Emergency Medical Ambulance Service Company, in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE. He is also in charge of business development in all GCC Nations - Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. He was earlier in charge of the South Indian operations of Dial 1298 for Ambulance Service of Ziqitza Health Care Ltd, India, the parent company of Ziqitza GMRAS. He was also involved in rolling out Ambulance services in Mumbai, Kerala, Punjab and Odisha States in India. Personally, he has setup and leads THI Foundation, a not for profit organisation, in memory of his father Mr. T H Ibrahimkutty who faced cardiac issues through his life. Nijil conceptualized THI Foundation after recognizing the urgent need to disseminate information on heart care to all segments of the society across Kerala State, India.